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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School leads people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, and into a life that reflects Him.


Equipping believers to draw others to Him through: 

  • Worship in Word and Sacrament
  • Educating Christians of all ages
  • Shepherding believers in using God's gifts
  • Reaching out to those in human and spiritual need


... so that all may know God's love !


Our belief is that salvation is received by Grace, through Faith, according to Scripture:


GRACE - Even though the human race is sinful and rebels against Him, God loves his people with an everlasting love. God sent Jesus, His Son, to love us and save us from the consequences of our sins.


FAITH - Jesus purchased and won forgiveness for all His people, for all time, through his suffering and death. If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, you will also receive the gift of eternal life with the Lord, your God. It is only through our faith in Jesus that we will receive forgiveness for our sins and guarantees our salvation.


BIBLE - God's Perfect Word is the Bible, through which he reveals himself, His law and salvation, through His Son, Jesus Christ. 


Our Regular Worship Schedule


Saturday at 5:00pm


Sunday at   9:00am




Our Faith


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Meet Our People


Pastor Prince CaracaturePastor


Rev. Tim Prince was installed


at  Good Shepherd on Nov. 4th, 2018

View Pastor Princes Blog Here

Radio FM 99.7:  Anyone within 1/2 mile of Good Shepherd can tune in to 99.7 FM any time of the day, 24/7, to hear worship services and church music.  It's broadcasting . . . try it!

We also recommend daily devotions from LUTHERAN HOUR MINlSTRIES. Click:


Pastor Prince's virtual worship service videos are available at:

GSL youtube

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